Thursday, 14 May 2015

Cast box

It's long time that I have not reviewed an Hanayama puzzle, so here we are: the cast box!

This is a pretty easy puzzle (does not mean not good!) which goal is to free the metal ring.
To do that you have to go through the different faces of the cube, rotating at the same time the ring.

If you already have some puzzles from Hanayama, this shape and, above all, the solving process (go through each face) should remind you more difficult puzzles from the same company: cast cuby or cast o'gear which are ranked 3/6 in terms of difficulty (2/6 for the cast box). If you have these 3 puzzles, which one is your favourite? And why?

Even if the difficulty is simple, this is still an enjoyable puzzle and I am sure that if you collect Hanayama's, you may have (and like) it. That is useless to repeat again, but that is pretty rare: even if this is a mass-production, the quality is very good, and any company should try to have the same standards of quality.

I tend to say that solving it is easier than reassembling it, what do you think?

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