Thursday, 7 May 2015

Pirate's padlock

If you have (or have already seen) the Pirate's puzzlebox from Stickman, you will recognize this lock, and solving it is part of the Pirate's puzzlebox.

This is a nice wooden trick lock, well designed and well crafted. You can see the signature of the designer on the back of the lock.

I think this is an original trick lock because usually trick locks are made from metal and I have almost never seen any good wooden trick lock that is handmade. So here it is an exception :-)

As it's not as sturdy as metal, then you have to be gentle and not use force (it's not required though!) not to break the lock.

About the solving process, well it's not too difficult and pretty straight-forward but I am sure that you did the usual things at the beginning like me and it did not work :-)
But then you quickly find what you have to do by analyzing the whole lock. The good thing with this lock is that you will be able to see the inside of it: the mechanism is pretty simple but so well thought and designed that it required several steps to solve it.

I think that all these locks have been sold out already, but if you find one, I strongly advise you to buy it. But don't use it with your bike...just put it in your collection after having solved it (of course!!)

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