Thursday, 28 May 2015

Chopsticks to be used

This is a stickman puzzle hand-made with wonderful woods. The goal is to get the 2 chopsticks out of the wooden box without any force and without hitting the puzzle.

The first impression you have when looking at the puzzle is the quality: this is very well made and everything is well hiden, so good job Rob !!

The chopsticks cannot go to the washing machine but can be used to eat rice since tung oil was appplied to them, to make them usable. However, I wouldn't use them to eat for fear of damaging them.
The box is smooth to touch and not sharp at all. Thus, you can imagine that it took time to craft.

This puzzle (even if not considered as a "real" puzzle by the designer) is rather simple, even for people that are not familiar with puzzles, because there are not a lot of steps to solve it. As for me, I consider it as a puzzle because you have to do things to get the chopsticks.

Now, let's eat sushis! I am jocking, I won't try that!!
What really count here is the mechanism. It is very cool, easy to understand, but it is funny the way the chopsticks go out of their box. At a meal, for example, it can amaze your family and friends.

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