Thursday, 21 May 2015

Understand what R2D2 has to say

The name of this puzzle may remind you something...Any idea? Well, it reminds me the robot in Star Wars that accompanies the Jedis. Perhaps the designer, the famous and at the same time unknown German designer Roger D, named this puzzle in homage to these movies?
Or perhaps the name comes from the initials of the designer?...Any other ideas?

Anyway this puzzle is made with a special metal (I don't know if it is aluminium or other kind of metals), 2 big balls, a smaller one and acrylic. As with all the Roger's puzzle, this puzzle does not come with any instruction nor with solution. But it's clear that the goal is to make the small ball going through its way.
So where is the difficulty?

Well, just have a look at the picture: when you move the puzzle, the big balls move also in their receptacles and block the small ball. And as they are bigger, then they are heavier and thus move faster and are more sensitive to (even small) moves.

You will be either blocked by one of the 2 big balls no matter how you move the puzzle.
No dexterity is required contrary to what many people think!! As I said before the big balls will always block you, that's physics.

There is a method that work each time, but this is a pretty unusual method. You will be surprised how to solve this puzzle.
You need to be in good health to solve it... :-)

To conclude: a good puzzle with a strange solution, but it works!

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