Thursday, 14 April 2016

Domino tower

The name describes perfectly the shape of this puzzle made of several wooden dominos glued in a way to come up with 4 identical pieces, that need to be disassembled and then reassembled together.

A clever design by the famous Oskar and crafted by Tom Lensch. Have you noticed that many Oskar's are crafted by Tom, by the way? :-)
I cannot complain because the quality is very good! And the designs from Oskar always original!

What strickes you is the very nice woods used to craft this puzzle: the colors are bright and contrast perfectly with each other. The look is very nice and reminds me the shape we try when we were younger by playing domino, trying to build to highest tower. Here it's only a 6 levevels tower and is stable!

Now, what about the puzzling aspect? Very easy to take apart, but when doing it, try to remember what you've done because it's more challenging to reassemble. So a nice challenge and not overly difficult to reassemble.

If you come across one, don't hesitate you won't be disappointed! And it's a nice addition to a puzzle collection. I think there are other domino's puzzle by Oskar. If any of you have ever played with this one and the others, which is your favourite?


  1. Definitely a very nice puzzle! When I saw it (several years ago) it inspired me to create a similar puzzle using 4 identical pieces, I call it a "Quad Helix".

  2. Nice design George! Has it ever been crafted?

    1. Not in wood, to my knowledge. I have made 3D printed copies, you can even buy one in my Shapeways shop (polypuzzles). It could be nice in wood, the 3D printed copies are very small (15 mm on a side).

    2. 15mm on a side is a bit small...It deserves at least 7cm ;-)
      Maybe you should ask any wood workers to consider crafting some. I am sure it can have success!!

    3. Now I remember that Guy Brette made one copy in wood. See:

      It is hard to improve on the simplicity of the original Domino Tower!