Thursday, 7 April 2016

Double puzzle

A nice puzzle that deserves to be in puzzlers' collection, not only because it was made and crafted by Charles O.Perry (who deceased some time ago), not only because it has metal and resin, not only because it's fun to play with, but also because the shape is original and unusual!

The puzzle is composed of 3 identical resin pieces and 3 small metal (probably brass) rods which are not identical. Actually I put the puzzle under the "metal puzzles" label, but I could have even created a new label called "resin puzzle" because resin represents most of the materials used to craft the puzzle!

As you may have guess, the goal is to separate the 3 pieces and it will not take you ages to succeed. Pushing back and forth the rods will soon allow you to solve the puzzle :-)

I feel the challenge (not overly difficult, though) is more to reassemble it. It's always difficult to take the decision where to begin with: should you assemble 2 resin pieces and then try to put one metal rod? Or perhaps best is to put one metal rod through a small part of a resin piece? Or even try to assemble all the 3 resin pieces and then all the 3 rods?

In any way, there are not so many possibilities and you should not have (too many) difficulties to reassemble it. But well, that still a nice challenge! And, as the resin is not transparent, then you need to guess where the holes in the rods are or to position carefully the rods before.

Despite being a puzzle, it is also (in my opinion) an art piece, especially when you know the background of the designer of the puzzle, then well it cannot be seen as only a puzzle!

Charles O.Perry crafted other bi-material puzzles, but this one is definitely the most original!


  1. Looks great. Reminds me of Jürg von Känel's Coated Burr.

    1. I've just had a look at the puzzle you mention and indeed they look like identical, except that the coated burr must be much harder