Thursday, 21 April 2016

Double semi-maze

A very original and unusual metal puzzle designed and crafted by R.D Rose before he passed out some years ago.

The goal is not to separate any parts, but going from one notch to another, and go back, by moving the parts and turning them.

As you can see the inner parts can move up or down allowing you to continue in your puzzling journey. Of course, you have dead ends and need to go back to better move forward. That's often the case with mazes. And sometimes the dot can still go under the back part...

Even if I am not the biggest fan of maze, this one is one of my favourite one because there is no frustration and only enjoyment with this puzzle. It's very fun to play again and again.

The 2 notches are better visible here (at the bottom)

If you have ever played with R.D Rose's puzzles, you can notice that all his designs are original and this one is no exception.


  1. Solve blindfolded and you have turned it into a RevoMaze experience at no extra cost!

    1. haha well thought. Small issue: you will not know when you have solved the puzzle... ;-)

  2. It will be a more expensive experience than a Revomaze. This puzzle is extremely rare and expensive :)