Thursday, 28 April 2016


Strange name for a trick bolt (even if some designers have used us to strange names as well), but actually NANAB means "Not Another Nut And Bolt". And indeed it's a different mechanism than for other trick bolts.

The bolt is initially packed in a small look-like pharmaceuticals container but I assure you, it will not heal your addiction to puzzles ;-)

So here we are with a bolt, a nut and a washer, and the goal is simply to free the washer.
It's clearly indicated not to use any force with the nut to avoid spoiling.

Indeed you cannot see (but guess pretty well the mechanism) and by using force to free the nut, then you will be able to see the mechanism and perhaps losing parts of the mechanism....

Definitely not a high challenge to solve it, but actually most trick bolts are not the most complicated puzzles and you usually solve them pretty quickly. However, a nice puzzle and highly collector puzzle, not only because the craftman deceased some time ago but also because Frank Chambers worked more with corian than metal.

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