Thursday, 26 May 2016

Spinning top

Yes, sorry, this is not about puzzles, but well I know many puzzle collectors love spinning tops, so this is for you Reader :-)

Sometimes there are interesting projects on kickstarter (like the Orb puzzle I reviewed some time ago -do not hesitate to buy one if you like it!) and I saw a nice project about some spinning tops. It had a lot of success, no wonder why.

What's interesting with these spinning tops is that (depite their very good quality and nice design) they are available is several metals. So if you're a serious collector, then you will be delightful! What you can do when you have several is to test which kind of spinning tops spin faster and longer regarding the material used, and which ones are easier to spin.

My assumption (because I have only one and thus I cannot verify) is: heavier tops are more stable and should spin longer. If any of you have tried, please correct me if I am wrong!

I really like the smoothness of the top: they are pleasant to handle and play with. They are not too big and can easily fit in your pocket to carry with you. The guys provide you with even a small bag to protect the top when you take it with you.

If you are wondering: yes, the tops is spinning on the box! It was not a piece of cake doing so and taking the picture because I did not manage to make the top spin time was counted to make a picture :-)

You can buy the spinning tops HERE.


  1. Awesome! Those guys should make a Tippe-Top using their CNC.

  2. Let them know about your idea ;-)