Sunday, 22 May 2016

Time to fold, again!

Some new models folded with sheets of colorful papers. No glue, no scotch tape, nothing else than paper is used!

Of course, if any interest in purchasing any model, drop me a message :)



Imprisoned geometrical shapes

Image below: the strange shape on the top of the picture is actually like a windmil. Put both hands on opposite vertices and blow on the solid and it will rotate!

At the bottom, some thingy things made out of subway tickets. The cube is composed of 3 tickets!

Below: the folding on the left is very sturdy, the one on the right is pretty big.

An interesting construction

Note that I needed to rotate some pictures (like below) to be able to put 2 pictures side by side. Of course, the cube on the right does not hold like that and holds like a normal cube, so you cannot tip it up like below.

Below, on the left: a nice flower-like model. I put it on a window to be able to see the layers of the model, which makes it even more beautiful. On the right, a very sturdy geometrical shape.

Next week-end it's you mother's Day. They all like roses....I folded a rose shape (on a previous post), just saying... ;-)

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    Have you a tutorial to make this models ?