Sunday, 6 February 2022

Kirigami Pop-ups

As you know I am a big fan of origami foldings, especially modular and geometrical origami. I like the shapes and I find that folding is a relaxing hobby, espite being somewhat a bit repetitive (when you have to fold hundreds of the same module, it starts to be a bit boring....).

I found by chance some very nice foldings made by Guy Petzall.

They are in the form of pop-ups, you know you fold in half and when you open, there is like a shape popping-up. Here it's the same, but with geometrical shapes.

Literally I fell in love with Guy's creations. They are very wonderful and trust me they must take very long time to fold ! And a lot of patience....

You can have a look at Guy's foldings: HERE

He put some models and videos where he explains the technique. Very useful !


And quick pictures that you can find on the link below:

Guy has created a starter kit (which is a very nice idea) for the beginners (I am, regarding this technique) with models of increasing difficulty. 

Basically the kit is composed of 12 models to fold, a book and black papers for the background. What you need is only your hands. Indeed, the models are already pre-creased.

It does not mean that it's easy to fold and I advise to start with the easier models first and when you feel ready then to go for the most difficult foldings.


I chose the easiest model first and I am pretty happy how it turned out:

When you have folded the mountain and valley folds, then you can flatten the models and voilà !

The main advantage of these foldings is that they can be carried out anywhere. You cannot carry easily a big 3D gemetrical origami....

Guy has published so far 5 differents books and he is working on volume 6 and 7. The models get increasingly complex and challenging to fold as the books progress. 

You can buy the books on amazon

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