Tuesday, 8 February 2022


Time to review a nice plexi packing puzzle designed and made by Vladimir Krasnoukhov called Snowflakes, easy to guess why.

The goal is to manage to create the snowflake inside the tray, basically just put all the 3 pieces inside the tray :)

It is far from being easy (but perfectly doable) as I am sure you will have a configuration where you can put 2 pieces and the 3rd one cannot fit because of a too large edge.

I notice that designers who create packing puzzles, especially in plexi tend to have a nice displayed solution. I mean, of course the goal is to pack all the pieces, but the result is pretty often a nice shape.

This is why, my method was to find a symetrical shape and not just pieces randomly put. For sure, finding a symetrical shape is harder when the shape of the pieces are complex, which is the case here.

Still, it did not take me that long to solve the puzzle and I must admit I was pretty satisfied as I am not the best packing solver.

I advise this puzzle if you like packing puzzles, whether you're seasoned or not you will be challenged without frustration :)

You can buy it on Puzzle Master webshop !

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