Saturday, 12 February 2022

This time you can play with food !


Because the puzzle I am going to review is called Bacon Pancake :)

It's a packing puzzle made with 3D printers and the goal is just to pack all the bacon pieces, easy? No !!!


First points to notice: the quality is awsome and the colors are (in my opinion) well chosen.


Now what about the puzzling aspect of the puzzle? Basically there is not real trickery in this puzzle, you just need to arrange the pieces in the proper way and with the right orientation so that you don't need any force to solve the puzzle.

I played with it during long time and I could not find the I cheated! What's wrong with that? 

Sometimes, you need to admit defeat! And the solution is challenging to find, I could not have thought about it...

Ok so I am a bad solver, but wait for the end!

One day (this is pure truth, no invention of any kind) I was watching something on the internet and I played with the puzzle because I feel the pieces are pleasant to touch :)

And guess what I solved the puzzle!!!! But not with the "official" solution. My solution does not need any force and is less complicated.


So 2 possibilities: either there are indeed 2 solutions (one being easier than the official one). Or there are some mistakes in the making of the puzzle allowing another solution. I don't know what the correct option is. But if you have the puzzle, I would be happy to know if you found 2 solutions and maybe you can try my solution with your puzzle?

But in any way, this is a nice puzzle that should keep you busy for long time, especially if you don't cheat :)

You can buy the puzzle on Puzzle Master webshop !


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