Wednesday, 19 January 2022


Centrale is a wooden puzzle designed and made by the famous Jean-Claude Constantin. The goal is obvious: free the coin! The task is more difficult !

Basically you can cheat (I solved the puzzle this way): just shake the puzzle and maybe if you're lucky at some point it will be solved. But of course there is an "official" way to open it.

From what I guess there must be some ball bearings inside and probably you should try to manage to put them in their respective slots or something like that. The difficulty lies in the fact that all is hidden. I assume it's a super easy puzzle if everything would be visible :)

The crafting is (no surprise) very good!

I found the solution and I had some difficulties to reproduce it. I must be doing something wrong....

In my opinion this is a nice puzzle addition in your collection for a cheap price. It's not so much my cup of tea as I am not found of hidden puzzles where you're navigating blindly. But some people are only into these kinds of puzzles. 

I think this is a nice puzzle for anyone, seasoned puzzlers and newbies!

You can buy this puzzle at your favourite online webpuzzle shop...guess!!! Puzzle Master :)

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