Monday, 31 January 2022

Lattice puzzle

Lattice puzzle is a puzzle designed by a former puzzle blogger Jerry Loo.

It consists of 8 plates to assembled into a 3D geometrical shape. It's not a burr but a "take-apart" puzzle.

Disassembling the puzzle is not super difficult, but still requires a bit of thinking. Basically you won't just slide the plates....I won't tell more, but you will have to try other kind of moves.... :)

So I played with the puzzle, tried several moves and at some point I managed to "free" one plate", then 2 more....and puzzle solved!

Solving the puzzle is challenging. Reassembling the puzzle is way too difficult (for me), so I cheated and saw a video on the internet to manage putting it back.

The puzzle looks nice and if you're ready for a big challenge, then go for it and buy it.

It's available on Puzzle Master webshop.

There are other puzzle (Dirty Dozen) in the same series that Puzzle Master produced. I will review another one a bit latter.

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