Thursday, 6 January 2022

Diamond puzzle

Diamond puzzle belongs to a series of 5 puzzles 3D-printed called "priceless". Is that because they are not expensive? Maybe. But they are very great!

I feel there are more and more 3D-printed puzzle. And the reason is easy to guess: they are solid and way easier (and cheaper) to craft than wood and metal puzzles. At the beginning of 3D-printed era I was a bit worries of the quality. And I have changed my mind with the several excellent 3D-printed puzzles.

The priceles puzzles are very clever and very challenging. Diamond is the easiest and I solved it prestly luck. The mechanism can be fully visible once solved. I can tell you that there is a lot of rattling things in the puzzle :)

If you ask me whether to buy it or not, I strongly say "yes". They are cheap, challenging, they don't take space and they display nicely. What more do you want?? :)

You can buy the puzzle at Puzzle Master Webshop

If you want the solution, you can check Puzzle Master website

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