Saturday, 29 January 2022

Priceless Puzzle Series #2 - Pearl

I have already review the diamond and now it's the turn of Pearl in the same series. In my opinion they have both more or less the same difficulty, even if I think that Diamond is a bit easier.

Pearl is a 3D printed puzzle designed by Jared Petersen and belongs to the Priceless Series.

First things first, the quality: very nice! Nicely crafted even if it's not from wood or metal.

Now that's inside? Of course I won't tell you. What I can tell you is that there are things rattling, maybe ball bearings?

Basically inside the 4 Priceless puzzles there are things rattling and those rattling bits must be part of the devilish mechanism!! :)

After a bit of time shaking the puzzle, turning, screwing....I finally solved it. It did not take me that long and I was surprised by the mechanism. It's simple and efficient. I am still not completely sure at 100% how it works :-(

Anyway if you've enjoyed any of the other Priceless puzzles, you should enjoy this one as well.


As usually you can find the puzzle on Puzzle Master webshop


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